Dental make over – All on 4

All on 4-All-on-4TM is a method of making and installing dentures for edentulous upper and lower jaw on only 4 implants. This method is a good choice for people who want a fixed prosthesis, and don’t have a sufficient amount of bone in the back of the jaw, because of long-term loss of teeth due to the reduced amount of bone. The patient receives a fixed temporary teeth within 24 hours.

Price: 6.750 eur for Straumann implants

          1000 eur for one implant

“Hollywood Smile”

It’s represented by white, properly set straight teeth, and to get this exact certain rules must be followed while creating a celebrity smile.

Crowns and veneers:   Veneers are individually made ceramic, zircon ceramic or composite veneers, which are cemented to the ground and especially prepared front surface of teeth to correct aesthetic imperfections (color, shape, location).

Veneers are minimally invasive prosthetic (aesthetic) substitutes, which eliminate up to 1mm enamel front surface of teeth. Veneers are indicated in cases where we want to correct the color, shape, position, size of the teeth, and are used to close the space between the teeth, or as compensation for broken edges and edges. In our office we use two the world’s best systems for the veneer.

Hollywood smile price: from 400 eur (for one unit)

Whole make over package( 16 veneers- 8 in upper and 8 in lower jaw): 5.500 eur

Crowns and bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are individual prosthetic substitutes, used for aesthetic and functional reconstruction. Missing teeth can lead to pathological changes in the bite, panning and tilting of teeth, damage to the temporomandibular joint, the development of periodontal disease and the emergence of new cavities.

We use them when natural teeth is extremely badly damaged and / or aesthetically objectionable. They can be installed in natural polished teeth or on dental implants installed to help them close the hole that was created in the dental arch due to loss of natural tooth crown. If it is placed on natural teeth, teeth has to be previously sanded.

Crowns and bridges in the grounds are divided into two groups:

– Metal ceramic crowns / bridges

– Non-metallic or fully ceramic crowns ie. Zircon crowns / bridges and e.max crown.

Price for 6 full ceramic crowns: 2,399 eur

All packages include:

Accomodation in apartment 4* during treatment period near clinic, travel logistic and transfers from and to airport, shopping and beauty voucher  (50 eur), dental polishing, smile design, tooth whitening.

Optional: excursions and activites nearby, free consultation for anykind surgical procedures depends of guests needs, mini make over (hair, nails, light facial treatments) by special prices for our guests.