14-days treatment naphtalan medical programme, psoriatic and rheumathoid arthritis

Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Naftalan provides treatment for skin diseases (psoriasis and neurodermatitis), inflammatory rheumatic diseases (rheumatic and psoriatic arthritis) and joints and spine diseases. Top experts employed at the Hospital, healing effects of the naftalan oil and numerous therapies and medical programs ensure the confidence of numerous visitors from Croatia and abroad.

Along with the medical programs, the Special Hospital disposes of spa and wellness facilities providing excellent recreation opportunities, and has the advantage of being situated near the Croatian capital, Zagreb, and its airport.

Naphthalan treatment – daily baths are performed in bath tubs with naphthalan. The patient stays in the bath tub with naphthalan for 12 minutes every day, except on Sundays. After each patient, naphthalan is sterilized and the bath tub is refilled for a new patient. The bath application technology is modern, and sanitary conditions are at a very high level.

Covering by naphthalan – implemented as therapy in the evenings in each patient with psoriasis, or implemented instead of baths in the bath tubs in case of contraindications, so the patients cannot take a bath in a bath tub. Treatments with thermal water – exercises are performed in the swimming pool with salty thermal water under the supervision of a physiotherapist on daily basis. Exercises last 30 minutes. The water is mineral, containing iodine, sodium, chloride, hyperthermic brine – salty water.

Masticotherapy – solid preparation containing 30% naphthalan, paraffin and wax applied as a compress (wrapping) or as dipping into dissolved media which is gradually solidifying as it cools down, and which is used for exercising small joints on hands.
It is an extremely efficient therapy for inflammatory rheumatic diseases.

Iontophoresis with naphthalan – with the help of electrotherapy, naphthalan is applied to a specific area on the body

Sonophoresis with naphthalan – with the help of ultrasound, naphthalan is applied to a target area on the body

Massage – performed as manual massage, underwater massage or lymph pressure

Phototherapy – UVB, UVA- it can be combined with naphthalan therapy in patients with psoriasis

Electrotherapy – short wave, darsonvalisation, electrostimulation, galvanisation, diadinamic currents, interferential currents, TENS, Iontophoresis, ultrasound + sonophoresis, laser

Magnetic therapy – applied on daily basis in patients with rheumatic problems

Medical gymnastics – performed as group or individual gymnastics in a gym equipped with necessary aids.

Price from:  1.200,00 eur

Medical program includes:

  • Accomodation in hotel section of clinic full pansion ½ room by person
  • 9 tretments depend of doctors diagnoses
  • Doctor and nurses on disposal 24/7
  • Relax zone with sauna, thermal water and whirpool
  • 1 x excursion nearby
  • English speaking staff