Solar Spirit – Wellness holistic programs

You can chose the program, we can modify it according to your measure. Together we create unique product and service.

Program includes professional development and maintenance of curriculum of high quality and maximum profesionalism. The same is made and directed by the licended Kinesiology professor Mr. Iva Solarevic Jelicic.


  1. Health & Regeneration
  2. Relaxation & Revitalization
  3. Transformation

Some of the most popular:

Mind and Body detox

Accumulation of toxins, the physical and psychological level, creating imbalances systems ; undermines funcionality organs, causes disease, depression, anxiety and lead to many other negative body condition. That is why it is importnt to periodically clean the body and mind of toxins and that is how we strengthen immunity, we collect more energy life becomes more beautiful and easier and we develop a positive attitude towards our health.

Program includes:

– physical detoxification (organs, organ systems, tissues, cells of the system…)

– emotional detoxification (freeing internal emotions that cause tension, cramps, anxiety, illnes, blockage…)

– mental detoxification (involves the transformation of negative  thoughts that disturbs the harmonious of life)

Perfect Body and Mind Yoga 

Our body is created to move and it is one of our main needs. If we not move enough our body is dying out rapidly, becomes sick and helpless so fast we age and die. Also it causes stress and affected  negatively on overall humn health. Right there helping yoga, extremely effective technique of exercice which connecting body and mind to become one.

Program includes :

– exercises for stretching and strengthening the entire body

– meditation that calms the mind and relexes the body

– breathing exercises (activation of the respiratory tract, strengthening the nervous system…)

– exercise the spin, stretching muscles and balance the entire musculoskeletal system

Live in the present moment

Life is a series of moments involving different experiences, but the only real moment ,a momnet when life truly takes place is the current moment. Past and future are our thoughts but life is only now. Constantly chasing for happiness and waiting for something to come, we miss being present here and now. Yet just if we are present here and now means to be truly alive.

Program includes:

– raising awareness of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being

– connect all these aspects in order to be ready and be in the present moment

– total regeneration at all levels

– yoga exercises and techniques, anti-stress and relxation programs, visualization, meditation, chatting, socializing, exercises in nature…

Creator of Wellness Concept- Solar Spirit is professor Iva Solarevic Jelicic;

– she is teacher at the Wellness Academy Veda Center and columnist at

– graduated from Faculty of Knesiology in Zagreb

– in 2001 she enrolled in postgraduate study on the “Development of Wellness in the Croatian tourism”

After more than 17 years of work in recreation, tourism and wellness she combining theory and practice and cretaes new Wellness Concept- Solar Spirit.

ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGES  – 4 Days (Accomodation in luxury apartmants, villas with separated rooms  or hotel 4/5*, holistic program, wellnes &spa entrences , massage, excursions )

Price from:  600 eur